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Five Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

Posted by: | Posted on: March 9, 2018

legalise cannabis campaignJust like gun use, marijuana seems to have landed in the spotlight in these recent times as states push for legalization of the drug. As from 2012, Colorado and Washington DC had legalized the drug, and now even the most populous state of California has followed suit.

While some states are yet cautious with their cards, others have only allowed the use of medicinal marijuana while keeping an eye on their fellow states already reaping rewards of their leap of faith. While negative impacts are always going to threaten any undertakings and may get worse, it is hard to ignore the benefits enjoyed by the states where marijuana has been legalized. Below are some of these benefits.

Big sales and tax returns

This is probably the most significant benefit witnessed so far about marijuana. The states of Washington and Colorado scooped wealth in the form of taxes out of marijuana sales, way more than was expected.

In 2015 alone, Colorado almost hit a billion dollars in marijuana sales and pocketed over $120 in tax, which proves that the commodity is quite active in the markets and is a welcome boost to the economy. It will facilitate even more dire ventures like job creation minimizing unemployment which has become a modern problem the world over.

Crushing of cartels

It is no secret that gang groups and underground dealers were the only people you could get marijuana from, not that you get to do it in person, but you get in touch with somebody who gets in touch with somebody, and the list goes down and gets darker.

Either way that’s how marijuana ended up on the streets and at a no fixed amount since it was illegal anyway. But with the legalization of the drug, cartels had only two options, to crawl out of the dark go legit and pay taxes or go out of business.

Safe usage

It is somewhat dangerous to just go about injecting drugs peddled off the street since you can’t know what additives and ingredients found their way in during the production process.

This is true of many illegal substances which are produced with little regard to standards. Healthier alternatives like THC e-liquid and CBD oil now exist. With marijuana legalized, it is safe to say that production protocols will be put in place to ensure the safety of consumers using a product.

Medicinal Purposes

Besides THC, an active agent found in cannabis which is proven to be significant health benefits, marijuana is also known for its pain relieving properties. This is very helpful to patients requiring pain alleviation and can be taken as CBD oil or THC vape juice.

Marijuana violence

Dealing drugs off the streets is often met with bouts of violence from users, competitors, the police, vendetta seekers and the list is endless. But usually the cause of all these violence is the off-the-book commodity in question which is scarce, and everybody is fighting for its control. So taking this product out of crazy hands and giving it to the public tends to remove the cause of friction.

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